Program Process

The brand new wheelchairs we deliver would retail for over $600 in most 'first world' countries. They are specifically designed to withstand the harsher conditions in most developing countries. Our ability to buy bulk containers of 100 to 280 wheelchairs from the manufacturer allows us to purchase new wheelchairs at a fraction of this cost. As a result, we are able to deliver brand new wheelchairs to the country of destination for $195 each.

The containers are shipped by sea to the stipulated country and upon arrival, the container is transported to one of our trusted partners. These partners include a wide range of organizations both local and international, governmental and NGO, that are able to import the containers free of duty. Our partners vary based on the recipient state. We maintain this flexibility in order to maximize the efficiency and impact of our wheelchair deliveries. The partnership is decided based on who we feel is capable of distributing the wheelchairs to those most in need while maintaining the security of the shipment, and the integrity of our organization.

Sponsors are able to participate in the distribution of the wheelchairs with the help of our partner organizations who often set up specific central distribution days and home visits. These hands-on encounters have proven highly fulfilling and life changing for both donors and recipients.

The donation and wheelchair delivery process is tracked at every stage. Once the wheelchairs have been successfully distributed, confirmation, thanks and a personalized photograph of the recipient is provided to all sponsors from our headquarters in British Columbia, Canada.

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Program Process

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For more information about the Canadian Wheelchair Mission, please contact:

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