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Costa Rica

Together Anything is Possible, 8:07 min

Ensemble, tout est possible, 8:07 min

Short version, 3:47 min, images set to music


2015 Knights of Columbus, BC/Yukon, 3:10 min, images set to music

2016 Knights of Columbus SK in Kiev, 3:03 min, images set to music


Bringing Help and Hope after the Earthquake, ppt 4:17 min, images set to music


Knights of Columbus Travel with Gifts of Mobility

Our Champions

Michael Yeo, Past State Deputy, Knights of Columbus BC/Yukon


Radom, Summer 2019

Knights of Columbus Saskatchewan State Deputy Chris Bencharski and his wife Pat travelled to Poland to help deliver wheelchairs sponsored through the Knights in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, bringing hope and creating long-lasting friendships.